I am not looking for more than one, I just want to have one who wants to be with me, who likes to talk with me, who dreams just like me. Yes, it is so hard, this is my life, my lifetime has lots of fails; should I stop it now? I don't think so.

Today I was walking in a mol, in my way I saw lots of beautiful girls around, bbut there is something wrong happening to me, I am scared now. Why I am not able to talk with them? Only one, shouldn't be a problem, but it is. I can't talk anymore, I haven't seduction methods, I am losing myself in the process.

Please, if anybody read this and understand my situation, come on and help me now. Because everything is becoming crazy, bored, coward, desperate. I don't want to waste your time, I am a good friend, a very well man, a person who has a precious heart.

Normally I don't say anything of this kind of areas, but I am feeling ugly to their eyes. Is like if nobody wants me, or even wants to be close than me. And all this shit is putting me continuously in a sadness mood.

There are many girls than want to be introduced with someone like me, but isn't easy anymore. Now is really hard for me even see a girl's eyes. Why? Tell me why? Can you please come with me to talk and walk a pair of hours?

I try to find a solution for this lonely life, is not my time yet, but people almost makes me die.

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