A Message to Myself

 I know you think that you're not good enough, but instead of complain, keep learning whatever you can.

Of course you know geniuses and you're not even close to have their skills or qualifications; take it easy, you're running your own race and its versus your fears and limits.

Instead of wasting your time looking around or watching past times, be coherent with your dreams and continue moving.

For sure a lot of people will reach there before you can even open and close your eyes, but take it as something nice to see during your way to get what you deserve.

Never stop dreaming, but live everyday killing stupid fantasies and doing whatever can make your goals happen.

Don't cry about what you have failed anymore, rather celebrate what you have experienced and who you are today.

You're alive, you feel great, you're motivated, you will help others as much as they are helped you until now; because you're full of love to give (this is much more important than misery and self pity).

Use this post as your mobile-browser's home page. 

And remember: You have no to lose, there's nothing else in your bag, learn as much as you can.

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