Lazy World of IT

Mexican IT companies are using not-IT people to offer IT positions; then there are a lot of IT employees without a clue working on IT. That’s an idiot problem. Candidates telling lies, companies buying and selling lies. Is this a big deal? Of course it is, it’s a very expensive one. People who has no idea about the work are taking it, just because a lot of mexican engineers are too lazies to learn another language.

Why is this incorrect? Well, it would take time for me to explain, but basically we’re destroying the behavior of next generation related to IT world. It used to be an environment prepared for people with some values (the ones that you learned in an IT career), but from now often, different kind of “values” are entering to scene.

As for example, when you’re an engineer you know that your work is to investigate and do the maths in order to resolve problems; but people from other careers (most of them), they normally use another methods (sometimes unscrupulous) to get a similar resolution.

It’s because of that we have (writing about code) tons of lines of garbage, lack of consistency and obviously, unsecured information.

Maybe not today, but the time will be the best tool to measure and verify the negative effect these conducts are causing to our entire economy.

[Sorry to people who isn’t from IT, this message is for the guys in the other side of the knowledge, those ones who after have been prepared, think they are too good to update their minds with something else.]

// I got this from old notes, copied from somewhere I forgot. Nothing personal to anybody.