During my life travel:
They are showing me the truth, because they aren't who they said; are only messengers of lies.

When I was standing on my fears, there's no place for the unreals. Can you believe in a world full of people who dissapear?

It hurts a lot inside my soul. Rage of my blood will be my sword, if you want to understand my lines, should see more than just these words.

People pretending to be fine; with darkness actions keeping us blind. Don't want to accept and victimize, we can't scape, you could realize. Everithing's wrong, between our eyes.

But she's my Angel, and I will wait; my arms are open, my heart have faith. Believe me I'm broken until my cry.

During my life travel... I am so confused, but still being the one who can believe. Like all that works with a fast fuse.

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