Carlos Alfredo Galindo Grageda

Professional growth collaborating as an application developer to provide software solutions to people and institutions who need it from all over the world.

Experience Summary
● 7 years of total IT experience.
● Experience making, analyzing, reporting, modifying and testing software.
● Experience generating websites from scratch as freelance developer.
● Experience controlling data from SAP BOR3 or BOR4 environments.
● Experience in DBArtisan managing data on DB2 databases.
● Experience of working with Informatica Power Center.

Technical Skills
● Software/Tools: Unix, Autosys, Perforce, KDB, DBArtisan, Eclipse, CPanelX11, WebLogic, Jira, DB2, SAP Business Intelligence 4.0, Business Objects XI Release 3.1.
● Programming languages: Shell, XML, PHP, C, Python, Javascript, AJAX, Java, SQL.

Job Experience

● Since 2018: DbaSys13 (Profuturo).
IBM AIX Administrator / Full Stack Engineer / MSSQL, DB2, KDB+ Consulting.
Having the core control of an entire universe of clusters and nodes based on AIX technologies.
Responsible of Web Technologies related to the Company growth.

● 2015 - 2018: Tata Consultacy Services (Morgan Stanley).

1. 2016 - 2018: Trading Risk Control - Trading Systems Integrator, Unix Developer.
I have the responsibility to analyze, modify, create, test and control front office application flows, market data, products, components, hosts and processes that impact in the New York Stock Exchange (FID/FX divisions) for Production and Quality Assurance levels (L3), using Unix technologies, and tools like Putty, Perforce, Autosys and Jira, as member of Global Limits Manager application development team.

2. 2015 - 2016: Internal Trading Applications - Systems Analyst.
Before being part of TRC, I joined another team as database analyst. I have worked with Informatica Workflows understanding the ETL concepts in order to migrate information from data mart origins to a data warehouse destination. I got comprehension about how Autosys jobs and boxes are working and streaming during this step.

● 2014 - 2015: Intel Corporation.

- Technical Computing Group - Software Developer.
My work there was related to test the Manycore Platform Software Stack (internal
software) created for Intel’s Many Integrated Core Knights Corner co-processors on different Operating Systems (CentOS, Suse, Red Hat and Windows Server).
Implementing automation of testing using Python scripting and Wind River Simics, we made possible to obtain in one or two days results of weekly tasks.

● 2010 - 2018: Independent.

- Freelance - Web Developer.
Responsible of creation, design and management of some web projects during this
years (,, working individually or in small groups of two or three people to increase my general programming knowledge.

● 2004 - 2014: Raulin Electrical Equipment.

- Chief of Systems (2011 - 2014).
Focused on the creation and maintenance of web systems, internal use applications
and networking, also hardware assembly. 

- Different Areas (2004-2011).
As I joined this company before my career years, I used to be Salesclerck, Storekeeper, and even Administrative Assistant in my first years.

"El pasado está plasmado, el presente lo controlas y el futuro está en tus manos." —RokCK